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The ligimate ways to Earn Online. Get Paid to Read, Click, and Fill
Out Forms
There are a ton of sites that pay
you to complete free offers online,
but from my experience nothing
beats Cash Crate. I made almost
thirty dollars the first night I tried it
and got a check in the mail the
following month. It's possible to
make a lot more than that if you're
very comfortable giving out your
personal information. I recommend
getting a separate email address
for these offers, since the junk mail
they accumulate is overwhelming.
Also, although there are a lot of
free offer sites and many of them
are good, I haven't personally
found much point in fully
participating in more than one.
They all have the same offers, and
I'd rather get one big check than
several small ones. If you're still
interested in trying several, two of
the better ones are and
If you're like most of us, you search
the Internet daily, usually several
times a day. Of the sites that pay
you to use their search engine,
Zotspot is the most straightforward
and has the most potential for
earnings. You won't amass a
fortune doing this, but you won't
lose much time to it either. This
site, like many of the "get paid to"
sites, also has a referral program
where you can exponentially
increase your earnings by inviting
others to join, which makes the
pennies add up more quickly. One
important note: Don't be concerned
when your account shows 0 for a
long period of time. There is a
delay of about two months
between when you do the searches
and when your account is credited,
just like a pay lag. But once you get
that first credit, you can cash out
monthly for as long as you
continue searching. For those of
you who want to try some of the
other legitimate paid search
engines, check out and
Clix Sense is just one of several sites
that will pay you to look at ads. On
Clix Sense, you get a penny or two
per ad, which you need to leave
open in your browser window for
at least thirty seconds. I've found
Clix Sense to be rather painless,
since I can do it while I'm online
doing other things, but this is not a
big money earner for me. I'd say
I'm making about ten cents a day.
By using several of these sites and
taking advantage of the referral
programs, it's possible to make
more. If you want to check out
some other reputable sites, you can
try and, but I haven't
had much luck making money with
these sites. There is also for those
who'd like to get paid to read
email, (it's low pay, but there's no
minimum payout and they deposit
to PayPal frequently), and for those who
want to get paid to surf. If you're
interested in getting paid to take
surveys, is
fun and honors its payments, but it
is difficult, if not impossible, to
reach their minimum payout of $
75.00 without participating in the
referral program.
Get Paid to Write and Help Others
Daytipper is a site that pays $3.00
each for brief descriptions of useful
tips. If you know a way to get wine
out of carpet or to sleep when
you've got insomnia, write up a
blurb on it and send it in. The site
accepts and publishes about 1/3 of
its submissions, so you'll want to
take the time to write well and
clearly. Still, even with care to
grammar, structure, and spelling, it
doesn't take long to write a tip. The
downside of this site is that it can
take months to get the payment
from them, but the upside is that
they do actually send it.
Review Stream pays as much as $
1.50 each for reviews of just about
anything. Review books, movies,
medicines, your favorite restaurant,
the mp3 player you got for
Christmas, whatever you like. These
reviews need not be long; they just
need to include your personal
opinion of the item in a way that is
useful to others. It's fun and easy
and they come through with the
payments, although some find it
difficult to reach the $50.00
minimum pay out. Review Stream
requires full rights to your reviews,
meaning you can never publish or
post them elsewhere.
Epinions is another site that pays
writers for reviews. However,
instead of a single upfront
payment, Epinions pays you a
penny or two each time someone
reads your review page. Like
Helium, Epinions has a system in
place to ensure that the best
reviews are more likely

SwagBucks Earning Tips.

Make extra money:SwagBucks(SB).
Hello all. I joined Swagbucks long ago,and well experienced about the website SB.
What is SwagBucks?
Swagbucks pays you to search
using their
search engine, participate in daily
polls and
surveys, watching videos,
completing offers
or even playing games.This TIPS & TRICKS
will have
you earn at least 200 SB a day.
To put that
into perspective, a $5 Amazon Gift
Card (the
most efficient means of cashing
out) costs 500
SB. If you do the bare minimum
outlined here,
then you'll earn a $5 Amazon Gift
Card every week.However Swagbucks has
a limit on
how many gift cards you can
redeem in a
month, and that's 5 cards. Don't
worry, that is
5 of any one type of card. If you
redeem 5 times gifts card or PayPal cash 5$
Amazon cards, you will have to
wait until next
month to redeem more. You can
still redeem
$5 PayPal, but it's a bit more
Since I started a little over a week
ago, I have
$5 PayPal Cash.
Amazon card will be processed and take upto 3-6 working days. I have enough for two
more, or one
$5 PayPal, so about $20 pending so
Sounds good! Let's get started.
So first you need an account.Follow this likns,just copy and paste the likn and complete the signup proccess.If SB rejected your PIN code then insert ''10006'' as default pincde and change after succesfull signup.
I'll explain the benefits of referrals
as if you invite 1 friend then you will have the chance to win 1000SB matching SB/referral.And that's around 7$.
Okay, go ahead and enter your
The Toolbar
Once you're finished and logged in,
hover the
"Tools" menu and click on
Select which browser you'd like to
instal it on.
I suggest installing it on two
browsers. I use
Firefox and google Chrome. You will need
later, regardless.
install it now:
The toolbar helps you with
searching, and also
displays your current balance of SB.
If you
right click and refresh, or relaunch
browser at the start of the day,
you'll get 1
SB. This is repeatable, once per day.
The toolbar looks like this:
Tip: Use the Swagbucks search
to get to your favourite websites,
as reddit, YouTube, Facebook, eBay and more as you wish.
The extra step may win you
You can win anything from 5-30
Swagbucks per search, up to a
of 3 search wins a day. Sometimes
Swagbucks will run a promotional
the maximum cap is raised to
Daily Polls and No Obligation
Offers (NOSOs)
Each day you'll have the
opportunity to do a
daily poll. This is a one question
survey that
will earn you one SB. The NOSOs
are a series
of offers that youdo not have to
say yes to.
You can just skip through it until
you get to
the end. You have a chance of
winning 2 SB. If
you do win, you will have to fill out
CAPTCHA form to make sure you're
a human.
Go to the Surveys tab and fill out
the various
profiles there for two SB each.
There are
about 10 profiles. This will also
qualify you for
surveys in the future. Each survey is
about 60SB.Make sure to check
Swagbucks Inbox and your email
fr swagcodes alerts,
or special offers.
Swagbucks TV (SBTV).Here comes the real
moneymaker. The
bulk of your Swagbucks will be
earned here.
Swagbucks pays you 3 SB to watch
10 short
videos, around 1-5 minutes in
length. You can
have it open in another tab playing
while you
do other stuff. But if you're like me,
you have
the memory of a goldfish and keep
to hit the next video. Here's a
Chrome script
to help with that: https://
To install the script, first you will
Once you have Chrome open, click
on the
dropbox link and download the
script to install
it. The script will automatically click
on a
related video after about 30-55
(random interval) and will stop on
CAPTCHAs will always pop up at the
mark. I only got a CAPTCHA when I
started to watch SBTV, so I
recommend you
sit through the first few cycles. I
gotten a CAPTCHA since, but that
doesn't mean
you should leave it running
overnight. I prefer
to have it running when I'm
actually at the
To get your script up and running,
navigate to
SBTV in Chrome, then load a video.
After the
ad loads, right click on empty space
and enable
the Swagbucks Automater. You
may need to
disable and re-enable the script
from time to
make sure to post comment to get answer from me.
Happy earnings online

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Hack 2 world ®: HACK CREDIT CARD

Many people are complaining about adsense.Adsense disapproved you then don't worry there is also a side similar to google adsense where you can display ads like adsense.
What is Adhitz.
Adhitz is an affiliate program like google adsense
which allows you to make a profit
by simply putting ads on your
is no hard work,nothing to it, just copy and paste
the provided code into your website
or blog and your making
money prograams.The more traffic you
have which means the more visitors then tons of money you
Adhitz website is a pretty good for bloggers
and website owners, those ads
provided by adhitz,are based
solely on what the website has
to offer.This makes Adhitz
different because, they show ads
that are sponsored. This means
they all have paid for this
exposure.Adhitz does not use
it’s own ads to make a profit and
get exposure for themselves,
Adhitz allow us to do this.
Adhitz requirements are same as
other affiliate programs, you
need to provide your own
contents and it should be as
original as possible. Website
presentation must be good.
makes Adhitz different from
other affiliates like Adsense is,
they will not cancel or block
your account for promoting sites
that offer incentive to click.No adult content is allowed,follow their terms and conditions.If you're honest adhitz is also honest.
You can join now if you have quality content of your blog or websites
What is the minimum payout.
The minimum
payout is 10$ and 3$ fee is
deducted.Adhitz accept Alertpay
and Paypal as payment
processors.You can select the banner adress which would be suitable for you to show ads and earn from clciking.
You should also avoid clicking your own ads or you'll have to face the consequences.
Many people are caught and got banned for doing illegal things to earn fast money.Rember to earn money from online need a lot of patience and hard work.
Join now and comply with adhitz terms and conditions to avoid termination of your account.

Clciksense is a scam:Find out

What is ''ClixSense'' it is another get paid
to view advertisements website. As
more and more ad money is being
redirected to online outlets these
websites are becoming increasingly
popular. You may already have
seen sites where elaborate prize
pools or games are set up to
entertain you while you view the
ClixSense compensates you
between $.01 - $5.00 for spending
30 sec of your time on their
sponsors' websites. By no means is
this a get rich quick method, you'll
be lucky to earn a couple bucks
below minimum wage per hr for
your efforts.
The company encourages you to
supplement this income through
several methods. You can upgrade
your membership to premium
which results in more ads being
sent your way. And you can recruit
additional members for which you
earn .10¢ and 5$ per each premium
membership upgrade.
As far as payments are concerned is legit and payout
once every month. The only
drawback is that they charge 3$ for
mail delivery of your check.
Currently the minimum payout
level is set at $10.00. If you plan to
work with this program regularly
you should raise your payout
threshold so that you minimize
paying the 3 dollar fee.
Paid to read emails programs are
quite popular nowadays because
they're free to join and pay out a
little change here and there, but in
reality they're not free. You're
spending your time, your valuable
time which could be spent much
more productively, literally in
exchange for pennies. I believe, as
should you, that your time is much
more valuable than that.
If you're at
because you're looking for a way
to make money online then check
out an article methods that
anyone can use to earn an income
from home.
Would you like to add your review
If so,post a comment on my blog.
Thanks a ton for taking a time for reading a review about clicksense.

Hack 2 world ®: HACK CREDIT CARD

Swagbucks is a legitimate
way to make money online by
searching the internet?Most
websites that promise you can earn
cash by searching, win prizes with
surveys, and get free gift cards by
completing easy offers prove to be
scams.How to earn from Swagbucks?How do I get swag bucks?
What are swag codes?
Simply,Swagbucks is a website
where you collect SB and redeem it fro PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.Get 'swag bucks' for searching
the internet, completing special
offers, completing surveys and for
referring friends. Once you earn
swag bucks, you can trade them in
for prizes in the Swag Store, such as
books, music, eco-friendly gifts, and
electronics. You can also use the
swagbucks you earn to enter
Swagstakes, a Swagbucks version
of sweepstakes giveaways.I don't recommend you to participate in swagtakes.You can
win big prizes in the online
sweepstakes through Swagbucks,
such as 10,000 swagbucks
redeemable for prizes such as DVD
players and gift cards in the Swag
How Do I Earn Swag Bucks?
First, you have to sign up. If you
choose to sign up under my
affiliate link .I will earn
swag bucks when you earn them.I will delve
deeper into referrals later on in the
article. After signing up,download the
Swagbucks toolbar, this way you
will be able to conduct searches
through Swagbucks, and be
informed of any swag codes
released. You will be able to keep
track of your swag bucks' tally
without having to log on the
swagbucks website. You also
receive swagbucks for just
downloading the toolbar! It only
takes a bit of space on your
desktop, and I have not had any
issue with bugs or viruses. The
Swagbucks seems very secure,
they will banned your account if you use proxy server.You will be
awarded swagbucks randomly for
authentic searches. I would not
recommend simply searching like
crazy to try and trick the
Swagbucks system.Use Swagbucks
as you would any other website,
and you will begin racking up
virtual currency before you know
it.Below are some other ways to
earn swag bucks:
Swagbucks' Trusted Surveys
Another way to earn swag bucks is
through their new Trusted Surveys
feature. You'll earn enough for a
gift card just by filling out the
profiles alone practically. Then, you
will be matched with surveys
which can yield several hundred
swag bucks at a time. They are
awfully boring but it's worth it
when you realize your account
balance is growing!
Swagbucks Special Offers and
Shopping Online
You can earn additional Swagbucks
by completing offers or shopping
online through the Swagbucks
website. These offers credit swag
bucks when you complete them --
and often cost money. There are
some free offers which typically
offer low swag bucks. I would
recommend checking the offers
when you are looking for a service
to see whether Swag Bucks has
partnered with the particular
company.They are
offering nearly 10,000 swag bucks
for signing up with Direct TV. This means you have
enough chances to get about $100 in
Amazon Gift Cards, which would be
an excellent incentive if you are
already going to sign up with
Direct TV.
One of the best ways to earn
money and prizes online with
Swagbucks is through their referral
program. When your friends sign
up under your referral link, they
earn swagbucks every time you do
to 1000 swagbucks. You can
see where this can add up if you
gain a lot of referrals! Like I
written before, the person who
refers you to Swagbucks has no
access to your account, your
swagbucks, or your search
information. The only piece of
information I can see relating to
the people who have signed up
under my Swagbucks referral link is
how many swag bucks I've earned
under them.This is simply so the
system can keep an accurate tally.
I would not recommend spamming
your referral link to people or
places who have absolutely no
interest in becoming part of
Swagbucks because this is that bad
form, but you will get removed
from the Swagbucks site if
there are complaints lodged
against your referral link.
How much will and can you make.
I personally opt for the Amazon Gift
Cards when I redeem my
swagbucks. You can earn cash, but
for example: A $5 Amazon Gift Card
will cost you only 450 swagbucks,
whereas $5 in cash through Paypal
will cost double. I can personally
attest that Swagbucks pays,
and I have PayPal cash to
aware it.The downside is they only
pay out on the 1st and 17th of each
month, but you can earn
swagbucks and purchase prizes in
the Swag Store and enter Swag
Stakes in the interim espicially if you're from US or UK.
As far as i know you'll earn money from SB.
So what are you waiting for,copy and paste this URL and start earnings.

MyLot Scam Or Ligit:Find Out

MyLot is an online forum
community that has a ‘paid to post’
program built in. The site has
discussions across all different
subjects and categories. You can
earn money with myLot by posting
messages on the site, from asking
questions, replying to questions
and networking with other people
on the site.
MyLot Ligit or Showoff website.
Last year 2012,22,9 I came across a new
website that really matches my
interest.MyLot pays us
for partaking in their online
community. I’ve never seen any websites of ''get
paid to participate'' programs but this really
stood out for me because of the
quality of the site. The site isn’t
filled with spam comments, was
active, and have a good interaction
going on between participants.
You can earn money from myLot
by asking questions, answering
questions, including images, and
referring new members to the
community.MyLot doesn’t reveal
how much you earn for your
activity because they don’t want
anyone to abuse their information.
This is a double-edged
side as one doesn’t know how
much you’re being paid for your
Let's talk about each money
making activity in myLot. Starting a
discussion and asking questions can
really be one of the more profitable
posts you can make. If your
discussion receives more responses,
you will earn more for your post.
When you’re posting answers to
questions, you earn more money if
they are of quality and not the
typical one line responses. You
should try to make your responses
at least a paragraph or more. The
goal is quality, not quantity.
Including images in your posts also
help you earn more per post. Just
remember that you will have to
put up a relevant image.
To top it off, you earn 25 percent of
the earnings from the members
you refer to myLot. This can really
add up big time because you earn
25 percent for as long as they are a
member, rather than for a certain
time period. This will give you
more earnings than anything else.
If you want to promote affiliate
offers or your business, you can set
up a profile with links and banners
to the sites you want to promote.
By being visible in the appropriate
categories, other members will
check out your profile and click on
your links.
There are rules which we
must follow if we don’t want to
get banned from myLot. You
cannot spam the site with ads,
spam or posting referrals links with poor responses, be rude
to other members and talk about
your myLot earnings. Some people
post thinly disguised adverts, but
that can get you banned so I
suggest you avoid trying to cheat
the system.MyLot rules keep the
quality of the community and it
actually is a good thing.
MyLot has a payout threshold of $
10-100$ and pay you on the 15th of
every month for the previous
month’s earnings. The $10 or $100 limit
may not seem high but you have
to spend a good amount of time
for you to reach the $10 and also by inviting people to join under you.
Fell free to post a comment.
Thanks for reading my blogs.